Empowering Relationships

Tagai Management Consultants has established empowering relationships with various business aligned organisations which enhances our capability and capacity to deliver empowering and innovative services.

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Action Sustainability Asia Pacific

Our purpose is to inspire sustainable business and drive measurable societal change grounded in commercial outcomes.  

Our unique offering brings together deep expertise in strategic procurement and sustainable supply chain management. This integrated approach, providing both depth and breadth in strategic procurement and sustainability, is core to our business and is a key point of difference.

Action Sustainability Asia Pacific leverages the collective international experience, tools and knowledge of Action Sustainability globally, Planet Procurement and a talented team of experienced international sustainability practitioners to solve complex commercial sustainability issues.


Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply Australasia

TMC have established a ground breaking strategic alliance with the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply Australasia (CIPSA), a global procurement and supply education and professional development service provider.

The alliance is focused on the provision of procurement and supply education and professional development support to Indigenous peoples' in Australia & New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the south Pacific islands. This innovative collaboration is significant as it is the first time CIPSA has establisheed a alliance with a an Indigenous Australasian company.