Ground breaking Indigenous Australasian Procurement and Supply Alliance

A ground breaking strategic alliance has been established between Indigenous Australian procurement company, Tagai Management Consultants (TMC) and the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply Australasia (CIPSA), a global procurement and supply education and professional development service provider.

The alliance will have a specific focus on the provision of procurement and supply education and professional development support to Indigenous peoples’ in (but not limited to):

  • Papua New Guinea;
  • South Pacific Islands; and
  • Australia & New Zealand upon agreement by CIPSA existing suppliers.

TMC can promote and deliver CIPS skills training, qualifications programs and capability development for those working or wishing to work in the Australasian region.

This innovative collaboration is significant as it is the first time CIPSA has established a partnership with an Indigenous Australasian company.


While writing this blog, I reflected back to the moment I was standing at the front of the CIPSA office in Melbourne after signing the strategic alliance document. The day was wet which if you have been to Melbourne is not out of the ordinary. I stood waiting for my taxi with a huge smile and thought about the road I had taken to get to that point, and what lay ahead. I developed my vision to establish an alliance with CIPSA empowering Indigenous Australasians with procurement and supply education and professional development in 2008, while working for Rio Tinto Procurement in Weipa. The road travelled has twisted and turned but the vision never went away. At that moment the taxi arrived, as I jumped into the taxi, uncle Kev Carmody’s (Aboriginal Singer-Songwriter) song “From little things big things grow” played in my mind.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Mark Lamb (General Manager, CIPS Asia Pacific) and Debbie Greenberger (Membership & Professional Development Manager, CIPS Australasia) for collaborating with TMC in the establishment of the strategic alliance. Also, I would like to acknowledge the support of my Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander elders, my family and friends including “brothers” Alan Robertson (MCIPS) and Ramon Gomez.

Murray Saylor is the Managing Director of Tagai Management Consultants. TMC’s motto is focused on “maximising opportunities to make a difference.” Click here to learn more.