We Are All Superheroes

Today, our Managing Director, Murray Saylor had the pleasure of being invited to speak about "Careers and Education" at the Kambu Health Ipswich Education, Youth & Sport Program (10-17 years old students).  The speech was focused on sharing that Education is not just about learning out of a textbook, we are all Superheroes and importance of maximising opportunities to make difference.

Education is Not Just About Classrooms - Learning about our Indigenous culture and lore is just as important as learning from a textbook. Education = Job and Career

We are all Superheroes - Going through the education system is in a way exploring what superpowers we have and what career pathway we consider in the future. It was stressed that it is important recognise our own superheroes and to remember the superheroes from the past for example Mr David Unaipon.

Maximise Opportunities to Make a Difference - The kids were encouraged to explore learning opportunities like the program and seek advice from their mentors, parents and the networks they developed during the week long program.

Whether its our kids or us as adults and business owners we get caught up in life's trials and tribulations it is important to remember we are all Superheroes, but even superheroes need support to succeed.

Tagai Management Consultants would like to thank Kambu Medical and USQ for the opportunity to assist our talented Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander superheroes at the inaugural Kambu Health Ipswich Education, Youth & Sport Program.