CHARCOAL LANE - Authentic Indigenous cuisine and Great initiative

I realise this blog is out of the ordinary for a Management Consultant with a business focus. But, I felt that I had to share a great initiative and food experience. Last night my family and I experienced the cuisine and professional service at one of Melbourne's restaurants, CHARCOAL LANE.

Charcoal Lane is a Mission Australia social enterprise restaurant that provides guidance and opportunity to young people, many of whom are Aboriginal, and in need of a fresh start in life.

The fusion of Indigenous flavours in modern cuisine is common place in Australia. But, the appreciation of what being achieved by this great social enterprise has to be applauded. We enjoyed the following dishes which had our taste buds wanting more....maybe another time when our bellies had recovered.

- Chef’s Wild Food Tasting Plate,

- Parma Ham Wrapped Wallaby,

- Chargrilled Emu Fillet, and

- Desert lime & Cocoanut Panna Cotta.

If you are  in Melbourne looking for cuisine with a Indigenous flavour head over to Charcoal Lane a great restaurant with a strong focus on giving our young people a fresh start.