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Indigenous Collaboration to Deliver Innovate Project

Indigenous Collaboration to Deliver Innovate Project

Tagai Management Consultants and collaborative project partner The Sanctuary of Embracing Difference would like to humbly announce that we have commenced working side by side with the South Bank Corporation family providing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander engagement advisory services for the South bank precinct.

Strengthening Business Vision through Family and Culture

Tagai Management Consultants (TMC) founder and Managing Director, Murray Saylor welcomed an opportunity to spend time with family and reconnect with culture during the Christmas holiday period  in order to culturally re-energise and revisit our Company business strategy.

Firstly, taking time out to revisit the roots of why I established TMC was timely considering the next business phase I am taking TMC into within Australia and in the global village. TMC was created based on experience, vision, Western education and my Torres Strait Islander cultural roots, and value systems. As a young business which has been operating for just under four years it was time to revisit from a cultural perspective TMC's business strategy and value systems, a cultural strategic planning process you may say.

I used two significant family events to conduct my personal revitalization and the business review process - Sailor/Sela/Saylor family reunion, Cairns, and 60th birthday celebration for my au bala (big brother) Jackson Sailor that was held in Bamaga.

Before I continue I would like to pay respects to my ancestors, elders, friends and families who inspire my entrepreneurial spirit to "maximise opportunities to make a difference."

2017 Sailor/Sela/Saylor Family Reunion

I will not go into detail about the intricacies of the whole celebration but I will share a little about the significance and my key takeaways from this important event.

In short I am from a VERY big Torres Strait Islander family which is connected to various Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal families but, whose roots originate from the Torres Strait Islands, Papua New Guinea, and Lifou Island (New Caleldonia). Yes, Lifou Island is part of the Loyalty Islands that various cruise ships frequent and some say is "paradise".

I am the great, great grandson of Dosiah Sailor who was the third eldest child (12 first generation children) in our massive family. Yes, my surname is spelt differently but there are various stories on why that is the case, I will not take up your time today explaining. The Reunion was the second family gathering to occur and it was full of colour, laughter, dance, song and vibrancy that is always memorable.

Key ReunionTakeaways

  • Identity and belonging strengthens entrepreneurial spirit
  • Cultural values will remain key business driver for TMC
  • Family and community are avenues to empower our next generations with new opportunities

Bamaga Celebration Odyssey

My odyssey to Bamaga from Brisbane involved 3 car rides, 2 flights, 3 stopovers and 1 4WD ride which was a adventurous start. My time in Bamaga was filled with laughs, sunburn, celebration, energy, adventures, meeting new friends, and catching up with family.

In the lead up to the various celebrations I had the opportunity with my brothers and uncles to go hunting and fishing in the waters at the northern tip of Australia. In short, it was incredible and besides a great sunburn I managed to nab the catch of the day. Woohoo!! All the produce we caught was contributed to the family celebrations.

I had the humbling opportunity to attend a nephews shaving ceremony and on the same day attend my au bala's 60th birthday celebration which provided an opportunity to meet relatives and new bala's and sissy's (brothers and sisters). 

I had discussions with various business owners, change makers, aspiring entrepreneurs who just want to contribute to the sustainability of their community, families and culture.  I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone I came in contact with in Bamaga for their "debi pasin" (respect).

Key Bamaga Takeaways

  • Our most inspiring entrepreneurs and change makers come from our communities
  • Sustainable community development has to be driven by local suppliers and change makers
  • Supplier diversity is a key avenue in business innovation - socially and commercially.

Where to now.....?

Once again I would like to thank all family, friends and community change makers I connected with during my family pilgrimage. I have brought back new ideas and strengthened focus to drive Tagai Management Consultants into the next phase of our journey in which we will continue to "maximise opportunities to make a difference" to our clients, and communities.

Key Takeaways from Journey

  • Identity and belonging strengthens entrepreneurial spirit,
  • Cultural values will remain key business driver for TMC,
  • Family and community are avenues to empower our next generations with new opportunities,
  • Our most inspiring entrepreneurs and change makers come from our communities,
  • Sustainable community development has to be driven by local suppliers and change makers, and
  • Supplier diversity is a key avenue in business innovation - socially and commercially.

If you are looking to work with a dynamic management consultancy who values empowering relationships, innovative solutions and achieving results contact Tagai Management Consultants today via our website, email: or phone: +61 0400 280 856.

Author: Murray Saylor, Founder and Managing Director of Tagai Management Consultants

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Ipswich Indigenous Entrepreneurs Coming Together

On Monday, 30 October 2017 Tagai Management Consultants co-hosted with Ngiyani Pty Ltd the Ipswich Black Business Coffee Networking & Meet-up at Seeds Coffee (owned by Torres Strait Islander entrepreneur, Tamara Haworth).

The event was one of many nationwide events throughout October celebrating Indigenous Business Month.

17 aspiring and inspiring entrepreneurs, a local government Councillor and IBA attended the coffee event with a spirit of respect for country, collaboration and motivation to not just strengthen their business journey but, to ensure the community benefits.

Old connections were energised, new connections were started and all participants agreed that the event which built upon the coffee events hosted by the Southeast Queensland Indigenous Chamber of Commerce is a catalyst for Indigenous entrepreneurs in the Ipswich region to create a business ecosystem that encourages, learning, collaboration, strong relationships and community.

The next event is scheduled for Monday, 27 November 2017 at The Secret Garden, 241 Brisbane Street, Ipswich Qld and on the  focused agenda will be some professional development, government insights and Tagai Management Consultants will deliver a procurement session.

Tagai Management Consultants is proud to support the Ipswich Black Business Coffee Networking & Meet up events.  Tagai Management Consultants "MAXIMISING OPPORTUNITIES TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE".



Community Role Models Influencing the Status Quo

Helllo family, friends and colleagues wherever you are in our global village. When you are marketing your business, community program or initiative the best place to start and maintain is in your local community or region.

When we share that we want to give back to community keep in mind that it is not just through supporting the local community (e.g. financial, employment, sponsorship, etc) but also through you as a local community resident, leader, family member and entrepreneur.

Even though you may not like it, you are a local having a go in the wider global village and a ROLE MODEL. Some people may not agree but, they are not the one's working towards their dreams.

Let's celebrate our local community people, businesses, and community organisations making a difference, you are changing the status quo.

Tagai Management Consultants is focused on "maximising opportunities to make a difference" in our global villlage. 
(photo credit: Dept of Defence photographer)

2015 Meet the buyer event, Canberra with fellow inspiring entrepreneurs and Dept of defence executive (photo credit: Dept of defence photographer)

2015 Meet the buyer event, Canberra with fellow inspiring entrepreneurs and Dept of defence executive (photo credit: Dept of defence photographer)

Laing O'Rourke - Indigenous Procurement Program Opportunities

Tagai Management Consultants (TMC) is a Indigenous procurement and supply chain company focused on "maximising opportunities to make a difference". TMC encourages information sharing and collaboration within the marketplace.

Recently, Laing O'Rourke adopted a company-wide Indigenous Procurement Policy. Effective from the 1st April 2017, all new projects will have a minimum target spend with Indigenous businesses.

Laing O'Rourke want to achieve a better understanding of the Indigenous Supply Chain within different regions and sectors. Laing O'Rourke are asking Indigenous companies to register their interest for the work packages on the Industry Capability Network (ICN) website. This will give Laing O'Rourke an opportunity to understand the company's capabilities and to include them in future tenders.

Package sizes will vary depending on project and scope. Laing O'Rourke currently have projects in:

  • WA - Perth
  • NSW - Sydney, Newcastle
  • QLD - Brisbane
  • SA - Adelaide
  • NT - Darwin
  • VIC - Melbourne
  • ACT - Canberra

Refer to the following Industry Capability Network (ICN) link for further informatiion and registration details.

TMC sourced information from the web address above.

Governance and Indigenous Organisations panel speech

Our Managing Director, Murray Saylor was invited by Deakin University to be part of a panel to share insights on the issue of "Governance and Indigenous Organisations" at the inaugural Indigenous Accounting and Business Conference in Melbourne (September 2015).

After paying my respects as a Torres Strait Islander on the land we were meeting I shared some of my observations on the panel topic.

How governance is viewed and worked through is different between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities due to in my opinion their differing governing influences and internal governance perceptions which will differ from community to community.

We do not celebrate enough of our governance success stories internally amongst our communities and in the wider Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. This also extends to exploring opportunities to learn from success stories in a collegiate manner between communities.

Challenges faced by our communities in relation to robust governance structures:

  • Loss of community intellectual capital
  • unconscious bias by our community organisations and business boards to not use Indigenous consultants and service providers who specialise in governance training and guidance
  • Continual merry go round of government public policy and funding governance requirements which limits innovative thinking

All of the abovementioned challenges also provide an opportunity for change and innovation.

For our communities to remain viable, vibrant and our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures to thrive and continue, educated Indigenous professionals are responsible to give back to their communities in way of sharing their intellectual capital. Also, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and company boards have to be open to working with Indigenous Consultants in community service delivery. But, most importantly our Boards need to move from a genealogical directorship model to a skills based model underlined with strong value principle governance foundations.

If you are a community and/or Company Board that is looking at establishing or improving your governance systems and processes do not hesitate to contact Tagai Management Consultants via email  for a initial free consultation about your challenges and governance requirements.



Joint Ventures and Collaboration

One of the key challenges faced by various Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses include business survival, expansion, development of new products or trying to move into new markets, particularly overseas.  A joint venture arrangement is often offered as an option, but what does it mean to a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) owner?

A joint venture involves two or more businesses pooling their resources and expertise to achieve a particular goal. The risks and rewards of the enterprise are also shared.

Your business may have strong potential for growth and you may have innovative ideas and products. However, a joint venture could give you:

  • more resources,
  • greater capacity,
  • increased technical expertise, and
  • access to established markets and distribution channels.

Entering into a joint venture is a major decision and if not done correctly could be a financial disaster. Key considerations to be aware of include (but not limited to):

  • Business relationship - It is important there is a strong working relationship between all partners with clearly outlined roles and responsibilities.
  • Corporate structure - There are limits as to what type of entity a company can form, depending on the participants’ own ownership structures.
  • Governance - Each member’s ownership share must be specifically laid out in the agreement. In addition, the degree of control each partner exercises over the JV’s opera­tions. 
  • Capital issues - Beyond the initial capital contributions, the operating agree­ment should establish the process for ongoing cash con­tributions, which often are necessary on jobs of longer duration.

Tagai Management Consultants have the capability to facilitate businesses exploring entering a Joint Venture and/or partnering arrangement. On the other end of the Joint Venture cycle, Tagai Management Consultants can also work together with existing joint ventures that may require assistance to be guided back on track.



The importance of SME Economic Growth on Employment

I had the opportunity to attend the Minister of Qld Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Multicultural Affairs (DATSIMA) NAIDOC week Industry Reception last night.  The Minister took the opportunity to share his Department's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Economic Participation Action Plan, his speech was focused on improving the employment rates for Indigenous Queenslanders through businesses being encouraged to employ staff.

If there is minimal economic growth then the ability for businesses to employ staff becomes a challenge. Currently, the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector is experiencing various challenges at all lifecycle stages from establishment to growth within the marketplace.

There needs to be a increased focus on Indigenous SME sector growth that will flow onto an increased employment footprint. You hit two birds with one stone, the business owner becomes self employed and when required recruits and retains team members - win/win.

Without a wholistic economic development strategy that encompasses equally economic growth and employment against a backdrop of appropriate stakeholder engagement, it will be hard to maintain sustainability of the strategy and achieve maximum positive outcomes.

Tagai Management Consultants have the capability and strategic alliances to ensure all boxes are ticked when developing and establishing a realistic, results driven approach to your business and/or organisation economic strategy.


Indigenous Business Invitation - Mackay


‘Meet the Buyer Forum and Networking Event’
connecting Indigenous Businesses with the Queensland Resources Sector
Wednesday 16 July 2014 (12pm – 5pm) – Mackay Grande Suites Hotel, Mackay

A free Meet the Buyer Forum and Networking Event is being hosted in partnership by the MoU to Increase Indigenous Participation in the Queensland Resources Sector, the Queensland Departments of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning (DSDIP) and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Multicultural Affairs (DATSIMA), the Australian Government Department of Industry, Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) and the Black Business Finder. Greater contracting with Indigenous businesses is a significant industry trend as resource companies expand and look locally for contractors to help facilitate these expansion works.

Forum objectives
The Meet the Buyer Forum and Networking Event seeks to connect resource sector procurement managers and contractors with Indigenous businesses that could supply the Queensland resources sector. It will provide an opportunity to hear from resource sector representatives about what is happening in the industry and what contracting opportunities are available. The forum provides networking opportunities for Indigenous businesses to promote their products and services to resources and construction companies in a one-on-one situation. It also provides an opportunity to talk and network with other Indigenous businesses and business support agencies.

Forum agenda
Light lunch (12:00pm - 12:30pm)
Bowen Basin Indigenous Businesses Supply Chain Mapping Project (12.30pm – 1.30pm)

Mapping the Connections was developed by the Department of Industry to identify industry capability, and analyse supply and demand within industry supply chains. As part of the Department of Industry’s RAP, the pilot Supplier Capability Assessment project used Mapping of the Connections to identify and map a small cohort of Indigenous owned businesses in the Pilbara, Western Australia; Bowen Basin, Queensland; and the Northern Territory. The Department of Industry partnered with Anglo American and Arrow Energy for the Bowen Basin Mapping the Connections activity. In late 2013, the department conducted interviews with selected businesses in the Bowen Basin to gather data for analysis of the relationships of these businesses to resources and energy projects.
This session is to share the findings from the Bowen Basin Supply Chain Mapping Project and provide insight into the resources and energy sector capability of Indigenous owned businesses in the region. The Department of Industry will provide an opportunity to for those businesses that took part in the Mapping the Connections activity to find out what business services available to them.

Meet the Buyer Forum (2.00pm – 5.00pm)
The Meet the Buyer forum will provide an opportunity for Indigenous businesses to meet with resource industry representatives one-on-one to promote their products and services, identify any potential contracting opportunities and develop ongoing business relationships. The forum will be run as a speed-networking event, with resource companies and contractors stationed at tables to be visited by Indigenous businesses.

Who should attend?
Existing Indigenous businesses that are keen to expand into Queensland resource sector supply chains.

What do I need in order to attend?

  • Capability Statement- It is a requirement for this event to have a capability statement.
  • Business Cards and Information- You should bring along plenty of business cards and information on your business to hand out to both the resource companies and other businesses.
  • Elevator Pitch- This is a short speech that explains your business and what you do in a couple of seconds.

Date: Wednesday, 16th July 2014
Time: 12.00pm – 5.00pm
Location: Mackay Grande Suites Hotel, 9 Gregory Street, Mackay
Cost: Free (canapés and beverages provided)
RSVP: by Thursday 10th July 2014 to, including the following details: your name, position, company, telephone and email address. Please also provide a copy of your capability statement.

Please forward this invite to any other Indigenous businesses that may have an interest in attending the event.

For enquiries please contact: Mel Sutton, Partnership Co-Facilitator, MoU to Increase Indigenous Participation in the Queensland Resources Sector, Ph: 0404 805 177,

Best Regards,
Black Business Finder
Industry Capability Network Queensland

33 McKechnie Drive, Eight Mile Plains Qld 4113
T: 07 3364 0670